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Penyelenggara : Master's Program in Education Management-The Graduate School, Jambi University. , 2016
ISSN : 978-602-74195-0-6
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Mathematics is abstract science which is compiled deductively. So learning mathematics is learn mathematics concepts which are abstract. Student (Especially Elementary School) is on stage thinking which is marked by logical reasoning about the things that can be found in the real world. Mathematics concepts that require higher reasoning, not only can be communicated through the definition, but also need to be given the concrete examples that suitable to the subject matter. With the concrete examples that suitable with the concepts that is taught, it is meant to cultivate students' interest in learning mathematics. There are some factors that cause low interest in studying mathematics, such as cultural, educational system, the assessment system, parents, nature field of study, and the teacher factor. Teacher factor is often considered to be the cause of many students feel scared or have lower interest towards mathematics. Teacher holds an important role in growing and increasing student interest in learning mathematics. Teacher should develop skill and ability in mathematics teaching so that students become interest in math. Teacher can apply the inductive and contextual method in mathematics, increasing the provision of mathematics through making props, and change the public perception of mathematics through fun learning.

Keyword : Learning Interest, Mathematics
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